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Message from Chief Attorney
Welcome to the official website of the Chief Attorney’s Office!

It is the matter of an immense pleasure for me to serve the people in the capacity of Chief Attorney to Province 2 Government. I believe my appointment for this important position comes as a recognition to my previous work on human rights and social justice in Nepal, with a focus on the marginalized community.

Before I accepted these responsibilities, I had a number of consultation with well-wishers and people. As I represent them at the office of Chief Attorney, I feel more responsible than I was outside.

I do understand the people have high expectations from me and my office to equip Province 2 with a sound rule of law. At the same time, I do admit that this will not be an easy task. But I and my team at the office shall have support from the Office of Chief Minister and Council of Ministers at Province 2 and the ministries as well as Federal Government. I have been equally seeking supports from experts, lawyers and those from civil society to get the people’s expectations met through legislation of laws and policies that improve the lives of the people through justice with dignity.

I welcome your constructive feedback and suggestion for our work.

Dipendra Jha
Chief Attorney

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